Movies tell stories, inspire humans and offer a glimpse into our world. I sometimes got this visions, hounting me. These Ideas need to come to life, whatever it takes. Producing and organising a movie is so MUCH WORK. Getting funding, organising people, dealing with bad conditionas, accidents, sudden changes, broken cameras, closed borders – we’ve had it all.

But in the end, when it’s on a big scrren in cinema, and you watch people being totally immersed and starting to feel along, all of it was worth it.

In movies I’m organising we are working climate neutral and try to address current challenges in society to have an impact on a wider audience.


Stoke – A freeride Movie – By Timmy Schröder – 25min – 2020

Die Ruhe nach dem Sturm – Mountaintribe – 12min – Rider, working a bit on Concept too

(Interview Kurier: “Digitaler Entzug in den Bergen“)

Through Darkness – Norway/Austria – 22min – 2018/19 (Producer, director, rider – together with Melissa Brandner)

Working Folks Freeride – by Neil Williman – 12min, 2018 (rider)

Volcanic Kingdom – Iceland 2017


From “Through Darkness” pic: Isak Dalsfelt

“Without the dark you wouldn’t see the light so bright

Through Darkness

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