A weekend in January

Jihaa…Weekend, good snow conditons and blue bird. Perfect time to escape the skiresorts and go for a walk. Since two seasons I’m thinking of hiking a certain couloir, which one can actually see from the slopes. So I packed my splitboard and, just in case, crampons and the iceaxe. On Saturday the 26th we checked the snow conditions and the best way to get there, and on Sunday the 27th we got up early and started to walk in the direction of the couloir.

DSC05889_rw  DSC05851  DSC05900_rw  DSC05906  DSC05908

From the distance it looked like it maybe would be possible to ride the couloir from the very top. After a long hike up, it turned out that there is a 5 meter long passage, which is only 1 meter wide. Because of the steepness and narrowness  it’s not rideable right now. So we started to ride straight underneath the narrow part. I defintely want to give it another try in spring, when there should be more snow.

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