taking a walk……#2

Spring slowly hits the alps, which is bad for powder runs, but the possibilities for good tours get better and better, as the weather is more consistent. And as there is the great technology of splitboards, I can join up with skiers for some tours. Thanks völkl snowboards:)

On friday Andy (http://www.andykocher.blogspot.co.at/), Ladi and me started to walk from the skiing resort of Hauser Kaibling, where I live. We had spotted an impressive north face in a valley close by. At the bottom of the face we decided to not ride from the top, as there were too many sharks (rocks barely covered by snow). Andy made the track and we ascended to the top and then continued to the the lookers right side of the face. This part of the face had interesting terrain with some small spines and drops still coverded with powder.


DSC06323 (2) DSC06314 (3) DSC06315 DSC06311

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