A slow Goodbye – winter camping – Spring in Europe #2


Winter is definitely over. I just waxed my boards a last time and was ironing the wax into the base standing under a green tree in bright sunshine. Nice, in one way. Sad if one loves winter.

To enjoy the quietness and beauty of the mountains without any disturbances, camping is one of the best ways. So Saul and me packed our stuff last week, took one cable car up and started to walk. We had food and gasoline for the stove for two to three days and both of us were equipped with touring gear (splitboard/touringskis and skins).

It was clear, that this would be the last adventure this winter, when we looked at the snow more precisely: it already was very wet and the snowpack hardly froze properly overnight and only developed a crust. That already minimized the choices of possible lines.

Instead of stressing ourselves to hike as many lines as possible, we decided to take it easy: sleep a bit longer, walk slow, take time to look at all those fantastic structures the spring snow formed. And slowly get used to the idea that our lives would take us back into cities and flat lands.

The other aim was to get more experienced with our gear: taking the splitboard apart a dozen times, setting up the new tent and learn to regulate the stove properly. Routine in those things will be a huge advantage for next season.

Next Season is already packed with ideas:) Thanks to everybody for the nice time, for reading through my blog and making every day an enjoyable one!

Thanks also to Icetools, Völkl Snowboards, Ratrax and Bern Helmets for making my life so much easier when providing proper gear.

IMG_2597_rew IMG_2559_rew IMG_2682_rew IMG_2573_rew IMG_2734_rew DSC07038 (2) IMG_2584_rew IMG_2556_rew

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