Axamer Lizum FWQ*** – contest no. 2

After the happiness in Hochfügen there is some anger and some sadness in Axamer Lizum. The conditions were tricky, as the face was windblown and most of the take offs were not existing. As already mentioned in the entry before, thats no excuse. I love snowboarding in all conditions, and if the snow is challenging, one gets better.


There is a thin line between stupidity and a good run. In Axamer Lizum I took an unnecessary decision, even though I knew beforehand, that I had too little speed for that drop. It ended with a collision in the air with a very pointy rock, and some proper tomahawking afterwards. Hopefully the first and the last tomahawks at a contest. Totally agreeing with the judges, I finished on the 9th place.

DSC04996_small_with line

The board has a deep scratch, but it is still keeping up in that very sharky season.

DSC05006_small DSC05003_small

At the same time it was a great experience to meet all the old and new faces in Innsbruck and I was lucky and had great company. Thanks for the generosity Lisa!!!!!

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