FWQ Jasna 4**** – one week after

Kind of another ‘Why I’m riding contests’. Weird Contest Season, not only for the Freeride Qualifier Series, but also for the Freerideworldtour. Most of the contests had to shift their venues to smaller, less exposed faces or had to be (partly) cancelled or moved to another date because of the general snow and weather situation.

I’m back from CGC Jasna FWQ**** in Slovakia, where I hoped to gain some points for the ranking. I only have one result this season so far. Everything went different than I imagined. Still: I’m really enjoying this.


That’s not black and white, this was the best view we ever got of the face


Keep the startgate from flying away, pic by Steffi Noppinger

In Jasna most of the riders stayed in one Hotel, had their meals together and were waiting together in the cafe at the top of the resort. DSC09469_small

That’s the good thing about Jasna: Yes, weather is unpredictable, but twenty meters from the start gate there is the top station of the new gondola containing a restaurant. So waiting is warm and cozy, even though the waiters were a tiny bit overwhelmed by the situation. Luckily for the organizer the Snowboard Men were able to gain a result, so there was a prize giving ceremony.


During the waiting period a big part of the Austrian Crew went ‘flying’ in the hurricane factory. Turbines powered with 2MW in a vertical wind channel provide a similar experience to a skydive. Pretty cool.


Fly Crew, pic by Sebastian Fischer


That’s stuff one can do at an advanced level. pic by Sebastian Fischer

Back in Austria:

Fabulous conditions. While we were in Jazna, there was bluebird and fresh powder. Still, I had to stick around in Vienna and do some work for University. But weekend came closer, and Thursday night we left Vienna to catch some fresh powder.

Those three days from Friday to Sunday contained some of the best riding this season. Finally one didn’t had to fear to still hit  earth or rocks when doing a powder turn.


Time for the good stuff…waterskies


A little sun


Days in the sun at the top of our world

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