The ups and downs of contest life 2: Up – FWQ****Open Faces Obergurgl-Hochgurgl

DSC_0110[1]Innsbruck – Ibk – Only 5 hours from Vienna, always free couches somewhere and definitely a good base camp for winter life. Next day heading into Obergurgl-Hochgurgl, where the beautiful face awaits us:


Facecheck has to be very precise with this beauty, as there are many no fall zones, especially as the snow layer is quite thin.


The women were starting first this time, so no worries about bomb holes in the landing. I chose a line in the center of the face, with some drops, but in this case the line was more important for me. It was a long decision making process, I still had the crash of last week in mind. In the end Irian just helped me to make the right decision.

DSC_1521_small_with lineIt was joyful to ride powder again. 3rd Place…Yihaaa! Crazy party afterwards, which caused a pretty bad hangover.


As usual the organisation of the whole event was great, we got a bbq on the day of facecheck and a meal in the public area on contest day. Now it sounds like it’s all about food, but they also did proper media work and were really nice. Cheers.

More photos:


Cheering for the guys – our work is done.

It’s the first time I’m actually trying to write a entry from my mobile phone, I just don’t manage to link photos from other websites, more improvements of this post will follow.

like birds on wire wire

like birds on wire

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