Immersion into the wet – danubesurfer

Freakin’ cold, okay, 12 C is not that cold, but you stop breathing never the less the first time you dive in, even in a wetsuit. This was my first training session with guys from the Viennese Ski Club, and it took place on the Danube last weekend. There are some historic music pieces written about the ‘Schöne, blaue Donau’ – ‘beautiful, blue Danube’, but I have to admit, the Danube is far from blue, and the City developing grounds surrounding the surf location are also not really matching the romantic image one has from Vienna.

Never thought that river surfing would be that much fun, definitely worth trying…

But surfing under the highway is quite cool as well…

artverwandte Sportarten… you need: a wetsuit, a motorboat, a rope. Money is helping, if you don’t happen to own a motorboat…

Find more information THERE – danubesurfer

The guys there are really nice and helpful explaining the technique, just give them a ring, if you want to book a session!


Posing on the motorboat- feeling posh


surfing and happy to be on the water again


balance training


nutrition…this was actually sports…one could feel it afterwards;)

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