First Times – travelling, training, enjoying life

First time river surfing, and what was planned as a substitute for the Atlantic coast, where one needs more time than I currently have available, turns out to be a lot more. A stand-alone sport, not just training. Waves of adrenaline get released, when the water turns out to be a lot stronger than you. Just like in the big sea.


First tries in the cool water of alpine rivers…wetsuit recommended, a small board is also a good idea


Relaxed vibe at the spot, everybody is standing in line, so no stress at the take-off

First time in a bike park, including the first real crash. Next day second time in a bike park. Walking hurts a bit, biking works well.

Snapshot 2

a tiny bit of airtime…exceeding the 10cm I managed at the pump-track. funny impact when landing with my hardtail…need to keep practicing…bad quality pictures indicate ‘speed’ 😉

First time climbing and biking on the same day.

Bürser Platte_small

What a beautiful view, on the left hand side there is the “Bürser Platte”, a rock which plays quite an important role in climbing history. See Beat Kammerlander – Prinzip Hoffnung 10/10+(1997/2009) – short movie


Our big white mobile home is not alone…good vibes

I’m finding myself again in a position, where I’m absolutely new to a sport. Where I feel I can improve fast. Where bruises don’t matter at all, because that’s just how one learns.

And, to be honest: I’m quite amazed about myself. My life tended to take place in repeating patterns during summer, my ‘first times’ became less and less over the last summer seasons. After winter, I always feel a bit useless for weeks, missing the snow, missing the mountains, missing the easiness and clear focus of winter life. University and learning, theoretical work and formulating theses is just a lot more complicated and lacks the immediate result. Finding a nice line and riding it is easier.

These last couple of weeks also gave me a much clearer vision of what matters:


dreaming of the sea, Bodensee

Leave your comfort zones every now and then, to experience an adventure. Change location for a couple of hours/days. My current time shortage also proves to be an opportunity to explore places which seemed too small/close/insignificant when there was a lot more time to be spent. I’m learning to like Vienna in summer times, not for the Sahara-like heat, but for all the close-by possibilities to escape it.



Bikepark Brandnertal: Good vibe, well shaped trails, some northshore details and fun small jumps. Upwards with a chairlift. I would recommend the red route, some steeper parts, but generally more fun than the blue route. Be prepared for the nothshore detail on the blue route: the first curve to the left is pretty narrow… Price: 23€/4h 28€/day

Bikepark Samerberg: Sweet little bikepark, with an ancient one-person chair lift. Generally more idyllic than Brandnertal,  but less choice. Nice pump track up top. The possibility to cycle up on your own and pay less for using the bike park(8€/day).

Price: 15€/day, from 2.30 pm: 8€ (fee for using the bikepark) plus 10€/5 times chairlift or 17€/10 times chairlift


Traunstein illuminated by the last sunrays of the day

2 responses to “First Times – travelling, training, enjoying life

    • Thank you, I’m glad you like it! I can really recommend surfing as a sport, be it on the sea, behind a boat or on a river. It takes ages to really learn it, but it’s fun from the very beginning… And there is a lot of adrenaline involved, even if it’s actually not dangerous, if one is prepared and knows about the tidal range and/or local currents.

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