Mountan View #5 – Petra Zeiler/Illustration

Couple of days ago doing one of my regular internet strolls, an illustration on the front page of TGR caught my eye. A biker in a dark forest, lightening some of his path with his headlamp. The texture of the trees, the colors, the committed position of the biker on his bike. I followed the link instantly.

A_Lone_Mind_The_Jay_Petervary_Story_Presented_By_Teton_Gravity_Research_-_2015-08-25_13.13.46The guy portrayed is doing extreme bike races, over couple of weeks, carrying his own luggage, in the most exhausting climate conditions one can imagine. There are some more illustrations accompanying the story, which are capturing precisely the feeling one has, when doing some sports one loves. You just wish, that it will never end.

““Life on the bike is way easier than regular life. I never want these big rides to end. It’s a violent shift back to reality, and it’s not smooth, and it’s not great.” Great wording by Ryan Dunfee.

It’s way easier than regular life to freeze and suffer, when all you need to think of is accomplishing one goal. One allows oneself to focus.

Read the full article here.

Back to Petra Zeiler. Her work deals with serious content like environmental problems and resources management, but one can also feel her commitment to outdoor sports.

She studies at the Emily Carr University in Vancouver/B.C. and when she’s not in courses she lives in Jackson Hole/Wyoming. I really enjoyed exploring some of her work on her website, and I’m looking forward to see more.

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