Exhibition Recommendation in Vienna – System-Struktur-Oberfläche @ mo.ë

Open till the 25th of October in the exhibition spaces of mo.ë, an association for contemporary art and music in the 16th district of Vienna.

As with most pieces of art one can examine the artwork from different viewpoints and also interpret it in multiple different ways. I came there with a tunnel view for mountain related aspects of the exhibited art.

The focus of the exhibition were natural phenomenons or circumstances and their understanding and appropriation in one’s artistic practice. The artists are dealing with the setup of snow crystals or the phenomenon of erosion or man made data like the wifi bandwidth in a certain space.

Inspiring stuff !!!

Matthias Gassner

courtesy of Matthias Gassner, Erosion – Work Series – Vrmsng


courtesy of Peter Jellitsch, Data Drawing 1 /2013


courtesy of Maria Mäser, recurrence of forgotten feelings, 2014

katharina lackner

courtesy of Katharina Lackner – T h i s l i n e b e c o m e s m i n e, 2 0 1 2

Featured Image – frontpage: Courtesy of Matthias Gassner – Erosion/work series/Ersn II

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