stuff – some stories

One needs equipment for snowboarding, and after some years in the professional snowboarding circuit I’m lucky enough to get some support from different sponsors.

For me as a rider it’s hugely interesting to test new stuff and give feedback. Most companies are constantly trying to push technical boarders. They make stuff lighter, add new technologies and new shape, travel the world to find the best newly invented materials and then start experimenting. As soon they think a product is ready, they hand it out to different people to get some feedback.

Over the next weeks I’ll introduce you to some of the companies which support me. All of them are doing outstanding work in their specialized field. Right now I have team meetings, team shootings and product introductions, exiting moments are guaranteed…


icetools snowequipment


Völkl snowboards

IMG_1134 BK

Julbo Photocredit: Andy Kocher


penguin clothing colors of my winter

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