Icetools Catalogue Shooting – Stubaier Glacier – some stories about stuff #2


Team Shooting, there were some extra bags to carry up to the snowpark on Staubaier Glacier.

Icetools produces board/ski/bootbags as well as backpacks. They also got back protectors, crashpants and knee protectors. The backprotectors are partly made out of memory foam, they are really light and adopt to the body shape. And then they offer a wide range of accessories. Stuff one regularly needs, but forgets to buy. Compact screwdriver sets to adjust the binding. Board dryers for normal plugs but also for 12V plugs in cars, and much more. Just visit


Backlit Thilo before drop in.


As pretty much everywhere: very little snow in the beginning of December 2015


Nadine in action, while Michael is shooting


There is some good Architecture on Stubaier Glacier. The viewing platform “Top of Tyrol” was built by Kathrin Aste with her office LAAC from Innsbruck.







More Architecture and a tini bit of me in my new outfit. They got a grat view up there, you should go and see for yourself! I won’t post a bad quality mobile phone view spoiler on this blog;)



Me in my final outfit for season 15/16. Photocredit: Dani Hochmuth



Fellow Julbo team athlete Daniela Hochmuth and me trying to make some more interesting selfie poses while showing off our new Julbo goggles and helmets. It was good fun meeting some friends up on the glacier. Finally got to ride again.

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