What I dream of….

I’m dreaming of freedom and focus, of silence and remoteness… Till my dreams come true, a couple of tree runs from mid January 2016 serve the purpose as well.

The thick new snow layer covered up all the plants and formed beautiful shapes, there was a deep silence in the forest. It was the first time this season I was allowed to experience the full joy of snowboarding. For a couple of runs I was in a great flow.


dreaming_sequence 1 – follow the link to watch a couple of joyful moments

It’s not so much about the fresh powder, it’s more about a specific atmosphere, which is caused by rapid weather changes, be it from no snow at all to Canadian champagne powder or from powder to slush/spring snow in a short amount of time.

Over the next days I will search for this specific feeling in totally different conditions…

2 responses to “What I dream of….

    • thanks! Sometimes it’s just hard to find the right words…and I keep wondering, if people, who are not into freeriding/touring and mountains understand that feeling?

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