Les Arcs FWQ 4****

Yihaa… got 2nd. Not bad, especially as the whole trip started a bit chaotic, we somehow got totally lost on the road, ended up in Italy (reeeeally embarrassing) after driving through the night and when we finally made it too Les Arcs, there was very flat light and the face check was not possible. Girls ride to the southern Alps.


Girls’ Car, with Sushi, when we started off at midnight to get to our facecheck on time. Birgit Ertl brought the Sushi, while Steffi Noppinger was the Selfie Queen as well as solid driver for the first couple of hours.

It wasn’t easy, the ridersmeeting took quite long, I was tired and got to bed without a proper plan for the next day. After far too little sleep I got up, and there it was: Winterwonderland. Perfect conditions in the face. And with bib 56 I had time to think a bit about my line.


french powder dreams pic: Steffi Noppinger

Riding the first competition of a Season is always a bit of a hassle, one just feels so insecure. Anyways, I chose a safety line, rode it okay, probably with a bit too little power, and got second. So that’s good.

The dark side of these couple of days was, that a fellow Austrian rider and great person crashed when he was riding with some friends and had to be brought to hospital by helicopter. He is still in a critical condition, but he is such a inspiring and lively person, that I’m sure he will make it. Sending my love to the king!

You can’t really do anything, except sending love and energy, if a friend is in the intensive care unit, we just talked a lot about our perception of life and the passion we share. And next day we went riding again.

We took it rather easy though. Les Arcs is a great resort, loads of opportunities for good lines with no or little hike, the boys and girls of the crew kept playing. #JambonCru it was a pleasure!


#JombonCru – always hungry – Seb Maier, Michi Strauß, Steffi Noppinger, Jochen Mesle


mountain porn – what a nice face

This is a part of a line I rode after the Contest day in Les Arcs.


Big smile during this great and fun day in Les Arcs


standing around being nice – one could see the Mont Blanc, what a beautiful day! pic: Michi Strauß









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