Crossing Europe – CGC Jasna Adrenalin/Svk and Sogndal/No

I’ve gone through two exciting, amazing and also exhausting weeks. I experienced so many different events, it feels like a year.


Thanks Tijn and Paul for the pic

I was “growing a beard”, went sled riding, conquered the most amazing pillowlines, ate heaps of waffles and jumped from a mini ramp on mini skies in Norway. Amazing times, even when the actual reason for the trip, the FWQ 4* competition, got cancelled. I experienced all this together with a pretty cool crew of #radcats.

Then I drank a beer in Amsterdam, accompanied by some really nice fellow riders we bumped into in Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

Back in Vienna, I guided my travel buddy Sam round Vienna, climbed the tower of the St. Stephens Cathedral, before we packed our stuff into the car and drove together with Mikki to Slovakia for the next competition.

In Slovakia I had some of the craziest days in my life. I finally managed to relax, to understand how lucky I am to be able to experience all those trips and compete, while sharing my passion with like minded people. And I did some serious riding in challenging, hard-packed conditions and some sick partying.


And, also pretty important: I took the win in the snowboard girls category, even if my line was not perfect cause of one backslab.


There was rarely a moment of quietness and reflection, things just happened, had to happen and it was good that they happened.

At the same time I learned, that living the life of a pro Snowboarder undermines your normal relationships and professions. You are home rarely, you stop sharing moments with people who are not living that nomad lifestyle, simply because you are not there. I’m not tired of being a traveling Snowboarder, but I can fully understand if my friends and family are tired of it.

The solution of this problem demands more mindfulness from my side. I need to learn to switch better between the self centered and egoistic me I need to be as an competing Athlete and the human loving, caring me I should be as a friend, partner and relative.


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