#1 On the road – A Competition a Week – X Over Ride Kitzsteinhorn

This series will be just short updates, I’ve been competing every week, traveling back and forth, and snowboarding a lot. I’ve also been partying and hanging out with friends, but somehow never even opened my laptop to actually write.

Let’s start with the X-Over Ride:

I really needed a good result there to backup my other results to qualify for the Freeride World Tour. I went for a rather safe line, snow conditions where changing a lot during the run. I had two drops which I actually really enjoyed: First I was jumping over a skier who was on the way up to start, and a friend told me, I was actually passing by really close to him too, but I can’t remember. My second good action was right at the end, when I jumped over a bump into the steep without taking out speed. My GoPro somehow had no battery, so one can only see the first jump in the Competition Video…. min 05:20

What made that Competition perfect: My girls and me rocked it. Stefanie Noppinger won at the ski girls with a radical fast run, Verena Fendl got second, and Chevy got second at the snowboard girls, nearly the same crew as in Sogndal in Norway #radcats aka #radheidis

After a huge Party, the hangover shred the day after was quite amazing. There are incredible and long runs on Kitzsteinhorn.


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