About Moving Images – Ski and Snowboard Movies

The movie topic is a complex one. We all want to spread our passion and make people understand why we love what we do, even if there is some risk and very hard work involved like in Freeriding.

Trends in Wintersports Movies are shifting towards more story and more adventure/outdoor stuff. The classic ‘Ski-Porn’ is still existing, but not drawing as much attention as movies with a good story line. Clearly because the later one’s are also targeted towards a wider audience. They are also interesting to watch for people with no Skiing or Snowboarding background whatsoever.

During Autumn in the northern hemisphere, most movies are presented to the public. Premieres are not only for watching the movie, but one can also talk to the athletes, meet everyone and get behind-the-szene information as well have great parties with a sports loving crowd.



Not only perfect for people like me, who anyways love old trucks, but besides crazy skiing, one also gets a very nice insight into cultures of the middle east. A changing crew was travelling in the old firearms truck of Pro Skier Fabian Lentsch for 4 months, skiing in Turkey, Albania and Iran among others.

There is another Premiere of Snowmads in Salzburg or you can check out the World Premiere on RED BULL TV on December 12th 2016.

A mord’s Sauhaufen in am z’kloan Zelt

Humourous Disco Snowboard and Ski bash, with super narrow super fast couloir lines, featuring Alex Hoffmann, Max Zipser and Raphi Webhofer. Great to watch with a lot of laughts. The Trailer is available in many different languages, including a version in tyrolian slang.

I’m also working for the Freeride Filmfestival, where many other views on Freeriding will be presented throughout Austria and Germany from the 5th to the 10th of November. Movies range from short Films dominated by action shots to very emotional films about injuries and the prize of dreams to actual ski expeditions to the most secluded mountains on this planet. All movie athletes are ‘homegrown’ in Germany or Austria, and the Festival aims to provide a stage for all those local athletes and filmmakers to drive the progression of the winter movie szene.

You can check out the Program here. And buy tickets here.

Tourstops: 5.11.2016 – IBK  / 6.11.2016 – München / 7.11.2016 – Darmstadt / 8.11.2016 – Köln / 9.11.2016 – Berlin / 10.11.2016 – Wien

Destinations cover Alaska, Japan, Siberia, the Alps and Norway. Some of the featured Athletes are World Champions of Freeriding, and some films deal with very extreme conditions.

Cover Photo of this Blog Post: by Simon Rainer, downloaded from here.

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