Sommer in Wien (summer in vienna)

It was hot, it was dusty, it was full on city life. And there were some precious moments, escaping the city without leaving the city.

Mountainbiking in the Viennese forests, swimming in the danube and flying through the air on the tramponline of AFSA Freestyle Waterramp.

I can’t remember, if I ever wrote that on this blog, but trampolining is an easy and reliable source of happiness. Playing with gravity, the feeling of flying, or, as another person put it: shifting your own center of gravity towards the earth center of gravity in a fluid movement just releases endorphins.

This little video was also my first intenional try on videography. Yeah, I just put all my money into camera gear. And a new bike….

Follow up our Freeride crew, the radheidis for more.

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