Schreiben ist schön- magazine storys

This blog is written in English, even though my mother tongue is German. I thought that it would be nicer if everybody can read it, or at least translate it online easily.

But writing for magazines is a different story. You don’t wanna write too easy, you don’t wanna write too complex, there should be a nice flow when reading, but at the same time there should be all the relevant information contained in a couple of thousand signs.

I enjoyed dreaming of winter when writing the story, and I’m glad that some people supported me with endless patience when I was searching for the right words.

So there it is: Two Austrian Magazines are featuring our tale of a couple of days in a mountain hut close to home in November, which is briefly described on this blog as well, Andy Kocher worked his ass off as Photographer, some additional shots were taken by Saul Ferguson, who is also featured as a rider, whereas the men with the beard, loved by the camera, is called Georg and is a good friend of ours.

Thanks to Bergauf and Land der Berge!DSC08318_small

DSC08317_small  DSC08319_small





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