end of season nac retro shred

Fun post…shredding in retro outfits, in admiration of the long story of Alpinism and freeriding. Sme gusy even showed up with original climbing outfits from the 50ies.


NAC (NorthernAlpsCollective) were hosting their annual end of season shred/BBQ in Obertauern. Found this great retro racing outfit at a friends place. Thanks for borrowing. Great fun shredding with 50 other riders going crazy. There will be a video edit coming soon:)



One response to “end of season nac retro shred

  1. Reblogged this on Angelica Sykes UK and commented:
    This girl is a total hero, and certainly someone within the Freeride series I admire, I hope to get the chance to compete with her next season! check out her blog!

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