Mountain View #1 – Walter Niedermayr, Aspen, 2008

Hello! This is the first post of a series to get me over summer while living in the flat lands. I love mountains, I like to explore how things change, how we as humans and athletes interact with our environment. And how the cultural imprint we experience today when talking about mountains was generated.

Aspen 72 2009-a 001

Photograph by Walther Niedermayr, from the ‘Aspen’ Series, 2008

In Freeriding people keep seeking the untouched snow. Which then leads to scenes like the one above. On the left edge of the photography one can see bits of the orange fence marking the end of the groomed skiing area. All those people now searching for the unspoiled used some kind of infrastructure to get up the mountain.

The infinite line of people also becomes space defining, it marks the ridge in the endless white of the scenery. And that’s one of the topics Walther Niedermayr(*1953, Bozen) deals with: How people occupy and define space in an environment which one would call ‘natural’.

My life has many focal points, which make it impossible for me to live in the mountains all year round. In Weekly Mountain View I’ll feature different impressions of mountains: paintings and photography from renown artists/photographers as well as amateurs mixed up with my own captured memories.

LANGUAGE: My blog is in English, but depending which image I’ll feature, there might be only German explanations. Sorry for that, but some things are hard to express in another language than you mother tongue.

2 responses to “Mountain View #1 – Walter Niedermayr, Aspen, 2008

  1. love this entry, it is completely accurate, its going to be one long summer but we can totally do this!

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