A fairy tale – Seeking powder, finding focus.

The last days I spent in Hochfügen, a resort which is famous for the endless possibilities it offers to freeriders. There is plenty of playful terrain, steep lines, amazing training ground for drops and long forest runs.


Riders normally come to Hochfügen, when it has the white fluffy snow: powder.

Mikaela and me just had time now, we really wanted to do some riding and a photo-mission together. But it was clear, that there wouldn’t be any powder left. There was slush, the second best snow after powder. In spring the snow crystals start melting and loose their fragile shape but rather look like sand-corns. It’s great to ride, but it’s just not looking very good on pictures.

So what you see in the following photos is our attempt to capture this specific feeling of snowboarding and mountain love, whatever the conditions are.















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