Recap Norway #3 – Many tents high up

Norwegians are just rockin it. Mass winter camping. That’s only possible in Norway, not only because it’s probably forbidden in the Alps, but also because a lot of Norwegians love it to be outdoors. Also when it’s cold.

So there we are: Setting up our tents amidst many other tents. Not really in a super remote spot, but next to a road pass and a small hotel, Turtagro Hotel, which was so kind to open toilets and washing facilities for the crowd.


happy after our home is set


Verena and Christoph are super hungry at our own little BBQ.


pub quiz at the main huge tipi

So whats FriFlyt highcamp?

Besides hanging out in the mountains together, one can also join guided tours, take part in avalanche security trainings, watch winter movies, listen to panel discussions and so on. Most of the offers are in norwegian language.

But, one can also do it as we did: Just go skitouring/splitboarding and get a drink in the evening. Normally one has to pay entry to enter the highcamp village at the Turtagro hotel, but as we couldn’t really understand anything anyways, we were allowed in for free. Find more information under

The weather was far from blue bird, but we went for a skitour anyways. Took it easy though and had to skip the steep couloir we had planned for that day as it was too dangerous.


Verena’s morning view


whiteout peak


where out entry point for the couloir would have been


FriFlyt highcamp also means, that you won’t be the only one…however bad the weather might be.

4 responses to “Recap Norway #3 – Many tents high up

  1. It’s on app. 880m above sea level, where people sleep, touring up to 2300m.
    But 880m in Norway is already above the tree line and I would say it equals something like 1900m in the Alps… greetings!

    • I used a slightly smaller tent than you can see in the picture. The “FURY” from MSR. It’s an expedition tent for two people which one can take along on splitboarding camping trips as well, as it fits in any backpack. I use it since 3 years and I’m really happy with it. One has to purchase extra winter/snow tent pegs though, I got some made off aluminum, which weren’t too expensive…Oh, I’m so much looking forward to winter already:)

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