Recap Norway #2: On the road again

It was quite cozy in our little hut at the Camping in Roldal, but we wanted to move on to explore more of this beautiful country.



In Sogndalfjora we stayed in Fortun in another hut at a camping place. Not up in the mountains, but down in the valley. On the way there we saw dolphins in the fjord and an elk cow next to the road.


Cool thing in Norway is: You don’t need to start early, the impact of the sun on the snow layer is not that heavy, so one can also make great tours in the evening. For our first tour we started roughly at 6 pm.




On the first summit in the hurrungane region


Verena skiing back to the car in the last evening light.


Ending with another cute animal picture here: those ones were domesticated and behind a fence and a bit scares…but sooo sweet little calves


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