Recap Norway #1: Roldal Freeride Challenge 2016

Somehow I had that feeling that I needed a bit more. More winter, more powder, more adventure, and most important: more new experiences.

So why not do a road-trip to Norway? Stick around a little longer and explore some of the amazing mountains in Norway. Following the social stream, I’m by far not the only one: seemed like most of the other freeriders from the alpine region had the same idea. Our winter started so late and was super sketchy.

In the next couple of posts I’ll relive my Norwegian experience bit by bit.

Final Face und Public Area

final face and the well filled public area


The last contest of this season and already the first of next season. A last time going totally crazy at the party, meeting all the people I learned to love because of their different approaches towards life. The last time for a couple of months standing at the start totally excited. The last time being so unnaturally in focus, as if this one run would mean the world. In that moment, nothing else counts.

As soon as you ride trough the finish gate, you allow the complexity of your life to reenter your brain.

I managed to focus, I managed to win, and most important: I pushed limits above what would have been a safe strategy.

Thanks for the company everyone!

Full contest report in German: on

Videos: Official Event Review: Day 1 and the Final Day 2

I posted my the highlights of my runs on Instagram, day 1  and day 2!

Bootpack_Day 1_ Hinauf aufs Quali Face (2)_small

Luckily in Norway we are hiking up through the face. So orientation is not such a big problem.


Huge amounts of people were watching the competition. And they brought booze and BBQ.

Im Finish am Finaltag.JPG

happy friends

bearbeitet 4_small.jpg

Verena and me borrowed a cozy spot built by Norwegians, who just know how to spend a day up in the mountain without getting too cold. It was fun to watch the guys, which were starting after us.

Gewinner der Ski Herren Sebastian Varlet beim Final Drop.jpg

Winner in the Ski Men’s category Sebastian Varlet doing his most spectacular drop.


Enter a I need to learn to to properly spray champagne at prize givings.

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