Challenges in Summer #2 – Hiking

Another freetime-fun-kind-of-training-but-not-really post. BUT I think hiking is a great preparation for winter, not only because of the obvious good impact to the training state of the legs, but also on a mental side.


Peering over the edge…I don’t know why, but that’s really giving your mind wings. Location: Brandnertal


Especially if you don’t know the route precisely and got no idea how the local Alpine Club is getting towards their estimation of how long a specific hike will take. I always try to be between half and maximum two thirds of the hiking time on the sign, I try to hike as fast as possible up, whereas my hiking resembles more some kind of jogging on flat parts, at least for the first 45min:) And the mental training comes along, if you don’t know how long it actually will take, but still keep your pace.


How did we get up here that fast? location: Brandnertal

Walking down I follow a totally different approach: the focus is put on the proper execution of every single step. That’s because I really want to avoid “overheating” my knees. I also search for extra challenges like little jumps, exploring more exposed variations of a path or climbing trees. Basically everything which will improve my coordination and balance. And that’s also the time to actually enjoy the scenery, take those deep breaths and get aware of how lucky you are to spend some time on this beautiful planet.


The views to enjoy, and we are not the first one’s. Infamous Malerwinkel on Königsee, the whole region bearing a huge historical backpack regarding WW2.


I’m just waiting for that unicorn to come around the corner. Miraculous view totally underrepresented from the mobile phone cam in Brandnertal.


Ending here with a kind of 90ies trash collage: Treats on the way are allowed. Raspberries and blackberries can lift your spirit even on rainy days.


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