Challenges in Summer #1 – River surfing

Summertime – the weather is easy.

To be honest: Most of the time it’s too hot for me, that’s why I’m incredible thankful, that this summer we have a lot more rain and it’s a bit cooler here in central Europe than during last summer.

That’s the beginner’s way of getting onto a artificial riverwave…later on one can also to a kind of kickflip-jump-on-the-board-thing.

Summertime = worktime. In my case: Pursuing my Master Thesis in Architecture, suffering one elemental crisis after the other and having serious problems to focus, cause everything else just seems so much more interesting in those moments. And I also work for money. I write, to be precise. Freelancer, and I’m doing quite interesting stuff. Yippie-Yeah.

And then I’m supposed to train quite a lot, to actually prepare my body for the upcoming challenges of next season. To be honest: I know, I’m not training a lot, but I do train a bit.

So: there we go: I start off my training posts. We start very relaxed, with freetime-fun-adventure stuff, which is not really any structured training, but I feel it still helps a lot when snowboarding.

River surfing/boat surfing – whatever you can do with a surfboard, when the sea is too far away. Really good for your balance, and if you surf in relatively cold alpine rivers, you are most likely to get one or two adrenaline rushes, as your body freaks out because of the supercold water and the currents.


First steps of sharing the wave with nearly pro rider Steffi.

Thanks dear Steffi for borrowing that bikini top and the board!

Riversurfing is not really comparable to sufing in the sea…your weight is much more in the back, the boards are shorter and it’s really important to never let the nose dive into the water!


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