Early Season Euphority

Every year it’s the same story, the happiness is overwhelming and totally ridiculous. Packing the car at 5 am in the morning makes me happy, driving through the night makes me happy, seeing the mountains on the horizon in the first light makes me happy, the first turns on snow make me very happy.

All this happiness also has a downside: My normal life is put on hold. I ignore most of the things which I actually should do or which need to get done. Every year I’m scared about christmas and stressed out, because I’m never ready. The money on my bank account is pouring away, because of all this early season costs like getting new orthopedic inlays for my boots, buying new contact lenses, buying winter tires and a lot of gasoline.

Still, for moments like these, it’s totally worth it:


2 responses to “Early Season Euphority

  1. I feel you dud! It is something that we can’t get through. Every time I have my turns on icy land, It makes me feel so happy! But having no money on Christmas really sucks. haha!

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