Girls Day Out

The first real drops every year keep beeing exciting. The first time actually jumping heights, where it could be quite dangerous to have rocks in the landing. The adrenaline during the airtime, the commitment at the take-off. The impact in the landing.

Overcoming fear and working towards routine.


Photographer: Mikaela Hollsten, location: Obertauern

This year as a competitior at the Freerideworldtour and as a person, who is not able to perform more than 80% of the normal capabilities at competitions, preparation becomes even more important – and feels ‘serious’.

Even if my way of life appears to be not serious regarding societal expectations.

I’m quite happy to share those important moments, when we all try to get back to our ‘normal’ riding with an exceptionally strong women’s crew, many of my old shred buddies and some fresh young faces. Couldn’t feel better!


Mikaela charging. Location: Obertauern


Mikaela testing the depth of the snowlayer.


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