We were filming a commercial for the Region Gastein the other day – and I really learned a lot. Filming a commercial is real work. The director has to be really in focus and has to think quite much. For something like 15 seconds of output, we spent the whole day in perfect, but pretty cold weather.dsc_1079

I love freeriding, and I want to get across that feeling of pure pleasure. At the same time I’m totally aware, that what I define as pleasure – airtime and speed- is quite scary for most people.


On Top – Big Camera: Argusauge – Photo Credit: Matthias Mach

So naturally in a commercial shot it’s all about the powder turn. And as a rider one has to deal with quite some pressure. If the camera and the drone is set, which can take quite long, one has one go. That’s it. You don’t wanna mess that up.


Sandra in Action

Luckily Sandra Lahnsteiner, one of the most skilled skiers regarding filming and producing in Europe was to be the other rider for that day. And it was tremendously interesting to listen to the discussions of the crew about things like the combination of the different scenes. There was some acting involved as well, which was totally new for me. Doing totally natural things like drinking a cup of tea a couple of times in a row, makes them feel unnatural – and you start asking yourself if you are doing it right. If your expression is appropiate.

As always in life: Just a matter of perspective.


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