From pretty bummed to happy again

Bummed because of a rather stupid riding mistake right at the beginning of my first run as an Athlete at the Freerideworldtour, happy because it actually was quite fun riding, the run was okay under those circumstances and well: Sometimes life just is a bit hard, but generally I’m counting myself as super lucky to be able to live my life in that way.

My GoPro Run:

Actually I was really sad the evening after the event – pressure has been high, and I wasn’t able to withstand and just snowboard like normal. That splitsecond of distraction as I was looking for my next feature made me place only on the 8th spot. It was really hard to not project my anger about myself on other things and people, and partly I for sure did give my friends a hard time.

But I also found out, that first of all I need time to recover from such an event, and secondly that life is just moving forward, that it makes very little sense to live in the past, but that it’s far better to just analyse the mistakes and try and do it better the next time.


Looking quite though – pic: ddaher

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